Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My first blog post!

I have been reading blogs for the past few months now and have been inspired me to create my own, so I hope you follow me in my journey. I love to run, work out and cook so I am hoping to share some recipes along with other health tips with you.

Today my day started bright and early with my alarm set for 4:45am so I could get up and meet my Back on My Feet team at Father Bill's for our morning workout, which we actually could be outside for today since it was so warm. I think spring is finally on its way! I will be telling you more about my association with Back on My Feet in future posts. After I finished my morning workout with my Father Bill's Team I headed to the gym for a pilates reformer workout then it was home to change real quick and head out to work.

Breakfast this morning was a small smoothie with bananas, berries and soy milk along with an egg white breakfast sandwich on whole wheat english muffin. Since I had a hectic morning I didn't have time to make my breakfast so I had to grab something before work. Stay tuned for more!

Question of the day?
What is your favorite workout or fitness class?

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  1. Hooray for you starting a blog! You are going to just love it!!


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