Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Friday

Is anyone else sick of hearing about the royal wedding? I am glad today is the day so we don't have to keep hearing all about it on the news. Although I am not going to lie I was dieing to see Kate's dress. She looked gorgeous but the dress wasn't my style.

Last night after work I headed to the gym for workout number 2 of the day. I take a class called Bosu and Bells which incorporates the use of bosus and kettlebells throughout an hour long workout. It was so hot and humid during the class I was so sweaty by the end but felt great.

Since I was tired when I got home last night Joe and I decided on takeout. We got Chinese so I had my usual orange chicken and crab rangoons it was so yummy! (Since I am new to this blogging thing I keep forgetting to take pics of my food, I will get better I promise).

This morning was another morning with my Back on My Feet (BOMF) team. We met at Father Bills then ran over to the track for our morning run/walk. BOMF is an organization that partners with the homeless population and offers them an opportunity to get healthy by running. We provide them with the necessary gear they need to run and once they show us a commitment to the program they start accruing grant money based on their participation and mileage. You can visit for more information.

One of my residents with Bill Rodgers

After my very early workout I headed over to the gym for a Myoforce class which is similiar to TRX but is on a pulley system. This is a full body workout which I love, but this morning my legs were still a little sore so I struggled a little.

Question: Do you volunteer with any organizations?


  1. i'm glad the wedding is over so we can all move along with other news, but i did love seeing her dress. i thought everything was beautiful :)

  2. I've worked with a ton of non-profit but I haven't volunteered in so long. I need to get back into it =)

    ahhh soooo sick of the royal wedding!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons


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