Thursday, November 17, 2011

Killer Arm Workout

I finally made it to a yoga class last night and it actually felt good! I was nervous since I have been super tight lately in my hips and glutes but I think the class really helped me stretch out so I am going to try to attend one yoga class a week.

This morning I had a duet training session at the gym with my trainer who usually focuses on kettlebells but this morning we strictly worked on arms using supersets.

Overhead press lying flat on the bench with straight bar paired with sitting concentrated biceps curls with elbow resting on your knee doing one arm at a time

This was done 4 times through with the following weights and reps.

25lbs overhead x 20
10lbs dumbbell x 15 each arm

30lbs overhead x 15

12.5lbs dumbbell x 12 each arm

35lbs overhead x 12
12.5lbs dumbbell x 13 each arm

50lbs overhead x 12
15lbs dumbbell x 10 each arm

Once I was done with this circuit I moved on to rows with the straight bar paired with overhead triceps extensions on the keiser machine.

This was done 4 times through with the following weights and reps.

30lbs straight bar x 20
13lbs on keiser x 20

35lbs straight bar x 15

15lbs on keiser x 15

50lbs straight bar x 12
17lbs on keiser x 15
55lbs straight bar x 10
17lbs on keiser x 12

Next it was on to a kettlebell ladder with a 10kg or 22lbs which consisted of high pulls and clean and presses.

10 high pulls on each arm
10 clean and presses on each arm

8 high pulls on each arm
8 clean and presses on each arm

6 high pulls on each arm
6 clean and presses on each arm

4 high pulls on each arm
4 clean and presses on each arm

The last set we did was a clean and press with a straight bar paired with a sitting reverse fly with dumbells.

25lbs straight bar x 20
10lbs dumbbell x 20
 12.5lbs dumbbell x 15
30lbs straight bar x 15

30lbs straight bar x 15
12.5lbs dumbbell x 15

35lbs straight bar x 10

Sorry for no pics but I really wanted to share this workout since it was a killer. I was sweating up a storm which I normally don't do if I am just lifting so needless to say I felt great after this workout, it may be a different story tonight when I have to take my 30 minute APC circuit class but we shall see.

Question: What is your favorite type of workout?
15lbs dumbbell x 10