Saturday, November 12, 2011

Scarlet Oak Tavern

Last night Joe and I headed to the Scarlet Oak Tavern for an early dinner thanks to a Living Social deal I had. Since I was running another half marathon today I didn't want to be out late so we had reservations for 5:00 which was perfect so I could get home early and have a good night sleep. We started looking over the menu and figured we would start with an appetizer.

We went with the Narragansett Calamari which was served with arugula, pickled peppers and chipotle remoulade (which we did not use). Joe and I both don't care for mayonnaise. The calamari was so delicious and it just lightly fired but my favorite was the arugula that they served with it.

For my meal I went with the Cedar Planked Salmon with was served with balsamic brown sugar glaze, quinoa, roasted celery root and kohlrabi apple slaw. The salmon was very good and moist but the quinoa salad was out of this world. I want to try to replicate it at home now it was that yummy!

Joe went with the Chicken Pot Pie for his meal but I didn't get to snap a picture, sorry. I did try a bite though and it was very good but they used some dark meat in the pot pie and I am not a huge fan of dark meat.

As if I needed more to eat we also ordered a side of mac n cheese to try because it is one of my favorite dishes. I can't eat a lot of it because I have a hard time digesting a lot of cheese and cream but as long as I just have a little I am fine. The mac n cheese was very good and not super cheesy just like I like it.

I think Joe and I will will be back again soon to the Scarlet Oak Tavern but next time we might try sitting at the bar and trying that menu out.

This morning I ran my thrid and final half that was on my race calendar with a Back on my Feet resident. It was his very first half and he killed the hilly course, finishing in 1:55. A full recap will be coming shortly and I am already trying to figure out what my next long race will be.

I now plan to sit on my couch the rest of the day and watch football. Happy Sunday!

Question: Do you always need to have a race on your calendar to push you?