Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

Yesterday was my birthday and the morning started off not so good but luckily the afternoon and evening got a lot better!

I had a rough morning with my BOMF team regarding a few issues that arose in the shelter the past few days. Then I got a call from my mom at work which never happens so I knew right away something was wrong. My nonno (what I call my grandfather) was rushed to the hospital because he fell and they think he broke hos hip. My nonno is 89 in a wheelchair with a weak heart but luckily his vitals were all good and it was just his hip.

The day started to turn around when I get a delivery at work. How cute is this a cupcake flower plant, who thinks of this stuff?

Not only did the flowers make my day better, once I read the card and who they were from it made my day regardless of the morning I had.

Then I took the boat from Boston to Hingham to meet Joe for dinner at s newer restaurant Alma Nove. I had the swordfish dinner which is served with lobster mashed potatoes that are to die for. I'm not a huge cake person do instead we stopped for some fro yo on the way home, Joe put a candle in it and sang to me!
Then it was time to open my present from Joe. He took me into the kitchen where a brand new Keurig was setup on the counter with a variety of different coffees. I was psyched because now I can make my own iced coffee. He also bought me two vegetarian cookbooks because he knows I want to start cooking me vegetarian meals, he is the best.

After presents I called my nonna (what I call my grandmother) to see how my nonno was and she had good news. He didn't brake his hip just a small fracture and the pain was subsiding for him so they will meet with an orthopedic sometime tomorrow and probably just do a little rehab.
After a rough morning the day ended up being great so I'm so glad I didn't let my morning bring me down for the rest of the day.

Now I'm enjoying my first hazelnut iced coffee from my new Keurig.

Question: What is your favorite flavor K-cup?


  1. Happy bday! What a sweet surprise from your niece, so cute... how old is she? Glad your nonno is alright. Great attitude - sometimes it can be so hard to not let a bad morning set you off for the rest of the day. So glad you ended up having such a great bday!

  2. I hope you had a great birthday!


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