Thursday, August 11, 2011

Make way for Ducklings

Tuesday I took a half day from work and my sister,  mom and Abigail came into the city to meet me. Once we made our rounds to say hi to everyone at work we headed over to Rock Bottom for lunch. For an appetizer we started off with the Southwest Egg Rolls (sorry no picture we were starving). For my meal I went with the Laredo Burger but instead of beef I substituted the veggie burger with onion rings. I am a sucker for onion rings so I just had to get them. Everything was delicious especially the veggie burger.

Abigail being nosy at lunch
Once we finished lunch we headed over to the Swan Boats to take Abigail on her first ride, she loved it!

This will now become a tradition for us to bring Abigail in for a Swan Boat ride before the end of the summer every year because it is something my mom did with my sister and I growing up.

Once our nice boat ride was over we walked over to the Make Way for Duckling statues so we could snap a few photos with Abigail. She wasn't too into this but I got one at least.

Question: What traditions do you have with your family?

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  1. I love that tradition! Did you know they have a duck parade on Mother's Day through the garden! Thinking of going this year!


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