Monday, August 15, 2011

Falmouth Road Race 2011

Yesterday I ran the New Balance Falmouth Road Race with my sister and cousin. We headed down the cape on Saturday to attend the expo and pick up our numbers. The expo was relatively small but I did pick up a shirt. We headed to the beach after the expo because we were spending the night down the cape. My mom, dad, Joe and Abigail all stayed over to so they could cheer us on.

Our bib numbers

The race started about ten minutes late but other than that everything went very smoothly. The weather was overcast and cloudy which was perfect running weather minus the humidity. I was just so happy that it wasn't pouring like it was during by half last weekend.

I decided to run this race by myself and not stick with my sister and cousin because I was trying to set a PR and finish in under an hour. I did it and beat my time by last year by about 5 minutes, I was so happy. My final time was 55:46 which was a pace of about 7:58. I am so happy that my sprints have been paying off!
We all met up again after the race and of course needed a post race picture.

Post Race Photo

My sister and Abigail (this was my sister's longest race ever!)
This may be one of my favorite races and I am sad that next year I probably won't be able to run because it will be right around the time of my wedding :)

Question: What is your favorite road race?


  1. Congratulations! Sounds like you were amazing!

    I don't know if I have a favorite road race--maybe it's time to hunt for one!

  2. That sounds like a great race. My aunt lives on the Cape; maybe I will do it next year! My favorite road race was the San Francisco Bridge to Bridge -- you get a really nice run along the water and the weather is perfect for running!

  3. congrats on PRing!! sounds like an awesome race. my favorite road race so far was one i did last year along lakeshore drive in chicago. so pretty!


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