Monday, July 25, 2011

Jim Kane 5 Miler & The Great Fundraising Act

Today begins the The Great Fundraising Act thought up by Janetha at Meals and Moves. Janetha is having a live online auction for her friend Susan, who has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and has hefty medical bills to the tune of $5000 monthly. 

Please considered hopping on over to Janetha's blog and bidding on some of the AWESOME items up for grabs and supporting a fellow blogger as she fights lymphoma.  Susan has displayed incredible strength and poise throughout her journey, and I think the beauty of the blog world is how supportive we are of each other. 

Thursday night Back on my Feet had signed up to run the Jim Kane Sugar Bowl 5 Miler in South Boston. It was about 97 degrees out. I was a little concerned with some of my residents as they are not all in the best shape and this would be the longest run they have ever done.

BOMF Boston
But to my surprise they all did excellent and finished strong despite the heat.

Even despite the heat I set a PR for this race, which I was happy about since I really was trying to take it slow because of the heat.

PLC    Time    Pace  PLC/Group  PLC/Sex  
231     43:53    8:47   24 25-29       64 F             
Question: Would the heat ever stop you from running a race?


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