Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WIAW-Spinach Edition

I can't believe it's already Wednesday and time for another WIAW inspired by Jenn at Peas and Crayons.
Peas and Crayons

Yesterday for breakfast I enjoyed a green monster with berries, soy milk, chia seeds, flax seed and protein powder. It has been very hot here in Boston the past few days so smoothies have been my friend.


Lunch was a sandwich with spinach, rotisserie chicken and strawberries on two pieces of Arnold's ten grain bread toasted. I am on a spinach kick lately I want it on everything. This was a little messy to eat but it was so worth it.

On my trip to Whole Foods on Sunday I picked up some more vegan veggie raviolis because they were so good last time. Even though it was 95 degrees yesterday I had to turn on the stove and cook these because they are just too good. If you have a Whole Foods near you then you need to try these.

For dessert I had mix of espresso and vanilla bean frozen yogurt with a few mini peanut butter cups but I ate it before I could snap a picture, sorry. I've had a small cold and sore throat  for the last week so anything cold like fro yo makes it feel better.

Question: What is your favorite fro yo combination?


  1. That sandwich looks AMAZING!!! I would have never thought of that combination... now I'm going to try it!

  2. ohh fro yo and pb cups! I don't think I could stop and take a picture either! Although I usually get chocolate, and I like to top it with graham crackers! YUM!

  3. I just picked up some squash ravioli from TJ.. I didn't know WF had some too -- obv next trip i'll have to hunt them down! <3 Happy WIAW!!!!!

    fav foyo is cake batter with oreo cookies... its not healthy. but its gooood! =)



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