Thursday, June 16, 2011

Race Calendar

Yesterday my day started off with a morning run along with beach with my BOMF Team. It was such a peaceful morning and the weather was ideal. Anytime I run near the beach I find it so peaceful!

After my run I headed to the gym for a quick 30 minute session of Pilates on the reformer. Pilates is something that never gets easy every week I am challenged more and more and I love it!
Since the summer is finally here I have quite a few races scheduled for the upcoming months, some are with Back on My Feet and others are on my own.

Squantum 5 - Thursday June 30 (This is a maybe right now, I haven't signed up yet)

Question: What races are you signed up for?


  1. I'm not signed up for any races because races aren't really my thing, but now that I'm running more and living in an area that there are a lot of races, maybe I will sign up for one!

  2. You have quite the summer lined up!

    I have a 5K next weekend and the the bid July 4th Peachtree Roadrace. It's supposedly one of the biggest 10Ks in the world?! NOt sure beyond that, but I have my eyes on a few half marathons (including the Atlanta's Rock and Roll!)

  3. oooh I love pilates. Such a great workout and stretch.

    Nice placement (schedule?) of races. Very rounded and gives you time for rest, recovery, and more training. ;)

  4. I am doing the Food & Wine half, Baltimore half and Marine Corps Marathon.

    I am soo jealous that you are doing a Rock N Roll. I really want to do one, the timing just hasn't work out :(


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