Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Welcome to another week of WIAW inspired by Jen over at Peas and Crayons.
Peas and Crayons
This morning for breakfast was an ezekiel cinnamon raisin english muffin topped with chunky peanut butter and banana.

Lunch was a mini summer burrito bowl from Boloco with no cheese and brown rice. The mango salsa made this dish, it was so yummy!

After lunch I had a little dessert (if you want to call it that). My Adora calcium disk dipped in peanut butter.

Last night I had a workout with Keri so when I got home I was starving! Fajitas were on the dinner menu with salsa and guacamole on a whole wheat tortilla. If you have not tried Joseph's flax, oat bran and whole wheat flour tortillas you need to, they are delicious!

It is going to be a hot one here in Boston today so if you are in the area stay cool and if you are looking for something to do check out the Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl at City Hall.

Question: What is your favorite thing to eat on a hot summer day?


  1. Those eats look gooooood! My fav thing to eat in summer is ice cream. No, I guess that's not the healthiest choice!

  2. PB and banana is always sooo good! And your fajitas look great--I hadn't heard of that tortilla brand, might have to see if I can find them around town. I love a cold beer on a hot summer evening...does that count as "food?" Okay, okay--if not, a bowl of cereal for dinner is the best on-the-porch food, plus breakfast for dinner always feels like such a treat.

  3. Wow that burrito bowl looks delicious! Love the fajitas, they look so yummy :D

  4. I've never had mango salsa, but I keep seeing it everywhere! I love mangoes! I want to try it so badly :) And those calcium disks sound right up my alley... haha!

  5. sometimes on hot days I have a smoothie for dinner if it is too hot!

  6. wait! save me a fajita! I'm on my way! ;)

    Happy WIAW!!! <3

  7. I loooove seeing what people eat throughout the day! That mango salsa looks ridicilously good!

    BTW - I LOVE your bucket list too :)

  8. pasta with tomatoes and soft serve, especially if i walk to go get that good stuff. Check out my blog, Beautiful Busy Bee.

  9. I love eating Mexican food on hot days - it just seems so appropriate for the summer! The mango salsa looks totally delicious - like it could be eaten plain, like a salad!

  10. I am alll about the avocados when it is hot outside. Not sure why but I seem to crave them in the warm weather!


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