Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WIAW - Fruit and Veggies

Welcome back to another week of WIAW. This week I incorporated a lot of fruit and veggies into WIAW so I could update you on how I am doing with my Fruit and Veggie Challenge.
Breakfast yesterday was a banana berry smoothie which consisted of a banana, raspberries, chia seeds, ground flax seed, vanilla protein powder, wheat germ and almond milk.

My mid morning snack was an ezekiel cinnamon raisin english muffin with peanut butter and raisins. I am in love with these english muffins lately, they are so filling and delicious!

Lunch was a spinach salad with strawberries, rotisserie chicken and a laughing cow light cheese wedge. I enjoyed the salad with a piece of whole wheat bread.

As you can see I have been incorporating lots of fruits and veggies into my diet in various ways to ensure I get my minimum of 5 servings a day. Some days are harder than others but I notice that it is a lot easier to incorporate fruit into my diet as opposed to veggies.

Dinner was not so good last night, the only thing that was good was the corn on the cob. I had purchased a few swordfish kebabs the other day at Whole Foods since they were on sale, but unfortunately they were not very good. Lesson learned if I want swordfish buy the swordfish steak not the kebabs.

Question: How do you incorporate veggies into your daily meals?


  1. I put spinach in all my smoothies, but besides that, I'm like the salad queen. My husband makes fun of me because of how much salad I eat. So I don't have trouble getting my veggies in. I eat a salad the side of my head about every day and I love snacking on brocolli and cauliflower. :-)

    Oh, and I LOVE PB and raisins on english muffins. One of my faves!

  2. I love to have salads with protein toppers for lunch or dinner. I also love whole wheat pasta and a ton of roasted veggies. Fruit is way more likely to appear with breakfast, but sometimes I do veggie scrambles!

  3. Hooray for looots of F+V! I think about the veggies first when I want to plan a meal and then base the entire meal around which veggies i'm craving or have on hand to use up! =) works like a charm!

    Happy wiaw!!!!

  4. I am loving what you ate! This looks delicious!!!

  5. oh gosh. I have NO trouble getting my veggies or fruits. I could eat only veggies all day they're my favourites!! You can sneak them into things too like smoothies, baked goods, etc :)

  6. Honestly a lot of my meals ARE vegetables! I usually have a salad for lunch at work (topped with some avocado and almonds. YUM!) And then dinner is often a stir fry, or some squash, or something like that!


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