Monday, June 6, 2011



This is not a trail run. This is not a mud run. This is an obstacle course.

This event was created for those looking for an "Adult Playground" experience that they can't get anywhere else. The Ruckus obstacle course is designed for those with casual fitness abilities, but is challenging enough for the fittest. There is no time limit and participants are encouraged to run the course at their own pace.

So I ran this crazy race on Saturday and it was awesome. The race was about 4 miles long with numerous obstacle courses. Some of the obstacles were mud trenches you had to go up and over, climbing an 18ft rope wall, monkey bars, tire crawls, cargo nets, pipeline into mud, mud gardens, various height walls and more. I completed every obstacle except the monkey bars only because I couldn't reach :(.

The race was much fun and my team, Sofa King Hot, will definitely be doing it again next year. We completed the course in 52:30 which we were happy with! After we enjoyed a few beers and evaluate old our wounds. I have quite a few bruises on my arms and legs but it was worth it!
Team Sofa King Hot!
Question: What is the craziest race you have ever run?


  1. Fun! I did Warrior Dash which sounds like the same thing, except WD was 3 miles. And you look much less muddy at the end than I was. :-)

  2. hahah I loveeee your team name! I haven't really ran any crazyyy races yet. I have considered the warrier dash but always chicken out!

  3. Wow. How fun! I've definitely never run a race that crazy... unless, of course, you count a marathon. ;)


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