Friday, June 24, 2011

Two Time Thursday

Yesterday was a very busy day foe me. I was up bright and early to head to the gym for a quick cardio warmup followed by a 45 minute kettlebell session. During our session I was able to use a new kettlebell which they just got at the gym. The weight is 10kg so it is about 2lbs heavier than what I usually use and it made a big difference but in a good way.

During our workout we did several rounds which included swings, figure eights, high pulls, and clean and presses. I love kettlebells so much since they are not only used for a great strength training workout but they also keep your heart rate elevated during the workout or round.

After I finished my workout it was home to shower, change and head to work. It was another day which flew by at work since I am training a new employee. Before I knew it the clock struck five and it was time to leave and head back to the gym for my bosu and bells class with Keri. My gym just finished a new Athletic Performance Center (ACP) which has turf and a bunch of other fun new toys to play with. We started our class tonight in the new ACP studio where we did some dynamic stretching and warmups. Then we did a bunch of ab work using some new weighted medicine balls, which we got to throw up against a wall. It was so much gin doing this plus it got out a little anger I had built up this week. After doing several exercises with the new medicine balls we headed upstairs to our normal studio and finished class using kettlebells, bosus and myoforce. I love when I can get two quality workouts in during one day, it makes me feel so accomplished.
Weighted Medicine Ball
Question: Do you ever do double workouts in one day?

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  1. Sometimes I double up but it's usually yoga and a run or running and strength training or something :)


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