Monday, September 26, 2011

Apple Picking

Yesterday morning my sister and I headed out for a 10 mile run before we made our trip to Stow for our annual apple picking trip with my family. The run was a rough one for me because I was dehydrated and there were several hills along our route that I wasn't expecting. I somehow managed to finish with a decent pace of about 9:35. Then it was back to my sister's to shower and have a quick egg white breakfast sandwich before we met everyone else to head apple picking.

We headed out to get our apples but needed some pictures before we got started since it was Abigail's first apple picking.
She wasn't too sure about this apple picking thing!

My dad and Abigail in the pumpkin patch
Once we starter heading into the orchards the rule is no one can start picking until my uncle takes a bite of an apple on the tree I know it's weird but we all have our crazy family traditions.
Let apple picking begin!
We filled our bags quickly since it was about 80 degrees and plus we all just wanted to eat. I swear we don't go for the apples but the picnic we have after, which always includes my mothers homemade chicken cutlets and roasted red pepper sandwiches, wine, and donuts and cheese from the apple shop. Sorry there is not pictures of the food I guess I was too hungry to think about pictures.

Question: What is a family tradition you have with your family?