Friday, September 9, 2011

Marathon Predicament

So I am in quite the predicament lately on what to do about my upcoming marathon (Maine Marathon) I was supposed to run on October 2. I was really looking forward to this but lately have been so busy and had some personal stuff going on that I haven't been able to fully train for it. I could switch my registration to the half and at least not lose out on the money, which is the way I am headed, but then I feel sort of let down that I didn't accomplish my initial goal of running the full.

I have been training with my sister because I talked her into running a half marathon on October 23 so I have been doing some long runs but not to the extent of what my marathon training runs normally are. I could probably get in an 18-20 mile run next weekend but not sure if it is even worth it at this point as I am only three weeks out from the race. I need your help on this one because I am torn if I should just run it anyways even though I haven't trained as much as I should have or if I just switch and run only the half.

I know I normally don't get too personal on my blog but I have been toying with this for the past week or so and want your opinions.

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  1. I have been in your predicament. I had to sign up for a half marathon via lottery a few years back, which was like 8 months before the Half. By the time the half came, I had NOT trained. I did it anyway. It was not my best time, I was sore afterwards, but I had a good time. Unless you have a chance of injuring yourself, I would say go for it. What do you have to lose? If it is not as fast as you wanted, consider it extra training for the next one.

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  2. I still haven't ran my first race yet so I'm definitely not an expert by any means. My thinking though is if you're not worried about a PR and you don't mind doing the race for fun then why not do it. Go into it with the mindset of just having fun and doing it as a training run for the half marathon with your sister.

  3. My opinion? If there is no risk of injury I say go for it. Enjoy the experience. Run it for the love of running. And when you're ready and have the time to commit sign up for another marathon.

    Good luck with your decision. You'll do what is right for you :)

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    Have a great weekend!

  4. looks like you've already gotten some good advice. I say do the full for fun OR try for a PR on the half? Good luck with it!! :)


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