Monday, September 12, 2011

Lobsters and Cochrane Road Race

Yesterday morning I woke up and headed out of the house to run a 10k road race in Quincy, the Jamie Cochrane Road Race. This race had a 5k and 10k so we signed a few Back on my Feet residence up to run the 5k and my sister and I both tackled the 10k.
A few BOMF members before the race.
I was such a proud team leader yesterday because one of my residents received a medal for finishing third in his age group. I finished the 10k in 52.16 which was a pace of 8:24. I was happy with this outcome even though I didn't set a PR.

After the race I went home and picked up Joe so we could do some food shopping and get stuff together for dinner since we were having a couple over to watch football and have dinner. Fresh lobsters from Joe's uncle was on the menu for dinner so we just grabbed a few snacks to have before dinner while watching the football games.


The lobsters were delicious and so fresh they were caught about 1:00pm yesterday and devoured by about 8:00pm. I swear I could eat lobster every night I love it that much!

Question: What food could you eat every night?

Mine might be a tie between lobster and pizza.