Monday, October 3, 2011

Maine Half Marathon

Yesterday was supposed to be my big day when I ran another marathon but as many of you know that follow me a few weeks ago I decided I wasn't ready to run the full and switched my entry to the half marathon. I am so happy I made this decision weeks ago since the weather was awful in Portland, Maine yesterday. It was about 52 degrees and pouring rain, I am starting to see a trend when I run halfs. The last one I ran in Providence, RI was pouring too!

Maine Marathon - Portland, Maine
So needless to say since it was pouring I was unable to bring my camera and take any pictures, sorry. The good news is I set a PR so it was worth running in the rain!

Place    Sex/Tot   Div/Tot Div  Guntime  Pace  Nettime 
467      172/1199   64/329          1:54:00   8:25    1:50:27

Question: What is your favorite running weather?