Friday, May 20, 2011

Dinner Disaster

Yesterday was a long day and I am so happy that it's finally Friday, even though I have a jam packed weekend ahead of me. For lunch yesterday I had by leftover broccoli rabe and sausage. Joe and I decided the other night that this is one of our favorite top five meals. I love it and the best part is its super easy to make.

After work I headed back to the gym for my bosu and bells class with Keri. I had such a great workout and felt strong throughout the whole class, I love when that happens. We did a mix of cardio and strength training using the bosu for cardio and a circuit style for the strength training. 

Some of the strength circuit
After class I headed home to have dinner with Joe which was supposed to be a turkey meatloaf which I had bought a few weeks ago at Whole Foods and froze.  Well apparently I should not have frozen it since it had veggies and what smelled like cheese in it. I took it out of the oven and the look alone made me decide we would not be eating this for dinner. I looked around the kitchen to see if I could throw something else together when Joe decided we would just go order takeout at a local place which has healthy options. This was fine be me since I was exhausted from class and didn't feel like cooking. For dinner I had a 1/4 breast of white meat chicken (which I dipped in Boar's Head Honey Mustard) with a side of green beans, it was delicious! I learned my lesson though not to freeze something that has been premade like the turkey meatloaf.

Question: Have you had ever experienced a dinner disaster?


  1. I really want to buy one of those Bosu balls for home. Ab work on those things hurt so good. But they are like $120.00! It's a BALL, people!

    Dinner disaster...never. But, it's because I don't cook. Ever. < --- no talent

  2. I'd love to see the recipe for the rabe & sausage, looks yummy!

  3. Oh disasters abound for me! Your alternative was super healthy though...I'd go for pizza ;)

  4. Dinner disasters used to happen a lot when i was learning to cook after marriage but over a period of time, I have learned to play safe.


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