Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pasta Tuesday

I get to sleep in a little on Tuesday  since I don't have my kettlebell class until 5:50. I love kettlebells mostly because I think it is a bang for your buck luck kind of workout. You not only get a great strength training workout but you also get tour heart rate up.

Breakfast was a banana almond smoothie which was delicious and just what I wanted. This mornings snack was my usual Greek yogurt, apples and cinnamon but today I remembered to take a picture.

For lunch I made a sandwich out of leftovers from last nights chicken with mixed greens on top and I paired it with an asian pear.

After work I headed to the gym even though I was exhausted and wanted to blow off this workout. I met with my trainer for a 30 minute strength training session. My trainer Keri is awesome and always pushes me to my limits. She helped me loose 20lbs and get into the best shape of my life!

Dinner was sausage and broccolini with whole wheat pasta. This was super easy to make. I chopped the ends off the broccolini and boiled it for a few minutes. I then cooked the whole wheat medium shells all while cooking the italian chicken sausage (casing removed) and garlic in a pan (no oil used). I kept breaking up the sausage into crumbles as it cooked. Once fully cooked I added the broccolini and cooked pasta and mixed together. I then added some red pepper flakes, parmesan cheese and chicken stock (just enough to wet the pasta but not make it soupy.

It was the first time I made this and Joe and I decided it is a keeper!

Finished product!
Question: Have you ever tried kettlebells, if so what were your thoughts?


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