Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Marathon on my Mind

Since I decided not to run Boston this year I have been in a little bit of a slump since the marathon and am eagerly looking for a fall marathon.  Since I did not get in to the ING New York City Marathon I am on the hunt for another marathon. I was thinking of the Portland Maine Marathon, I ran the half last year and loved it (but if anyone has run the full let me know).

Place   Ag   Sex /Tot  Div/Tot  Div     Pace  Nettime
998      25   466/1267   145/338   F2029  9:21  1:59:44

This morning was spent with my BOMF team. We ran to the YMCA outdoor track and got in a great workout, we even had two new resident members at Father Bill's show up. After I left my BOMF team I headed to Marylou's for an iced toasted coconut coffee with soy milk. I had been craving another one since the other day.

After I grabbed my coffee I headed to the gym for a pilates workout on the reformer. As you know I am in the process of getting my full certification for pilates but I still love to have a trainer. A picture of the reformer is below in case some of you are not sure what it looks like. If you haven't tried pilates before I would strongly encourage you to.

Pilates Reformer
After my busy morning I was starving and made myself a quick smoothie before heading to work with vanilla unsweetened almond milk, frozen berries, frozen banana, wheat germ, ground flax seed and protein powder, it hit the spot!

My mid morning snack was an asian pear with some of these new nuts I found by Emerald. They are slightly sweet so they can satisfy my sweet cravings when I get them (which is usually not that often.)

Sweet & Salty Cinnamon Sugar Nuts

Question: What is your favorite fall marathon?


  1. I've never run a full! But I'm signed up for Savannah Rock n Roll in November, so I will premptively say that one is my favorite. :-)

    Otherwise, my favorite half so far is the Gasparilla Distance Classic in Tampa, FL. :-)

  2. the houston marathon is great because it is so flat!

    i've only done 1 or 2 reformer sessions and they were super hard. loved the workout, but hate paying for them :)

  3. I've never run a full and am running my first half in June so I'm no help here.
    I wish we had Marylou's coffee here in San Diego. They have such amazing flavors!

  4. @Melissa You guys are missing out they have the best iced coffee around and the best part is its not flavored with syrup its the actual beans.

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog Daniella. I am glad you stopped by and now I found you. I am a new runner and would love to read your experiences about running.


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