Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Fall Marathon it is!

I have been searching and searching for a fall Marathon and have been contemplating which one I wanted to run since I didn't get into NYC. A friend of mine got into the NYC marathon but was looking for something to run as her long training run so she decided to run the Maine Marathon because the timing was perfect for her training. All I needed was to know that someone else was going to run it as well. I am all signed up and ready to go!

This email confirms your transaction completed successfully for $64.25 and your confirmation number is VSJO6EEAAA6E. Please note that your credit card statement will read "BayState-ME Marathon". 
Okay enough about running let's go on to food. Yesterday for lunch I headed to Qdoba to see if the mango taco salad had made its return yet and it had! I love this salad so much mainly because I love mangos but never use them at home to cook with.

Mango taco salad
Last night I had my outdoor Stiletto Camp where it was cold and gloomy but the rain held off for us. The class was set up with an obstacle course style where we ran about a mile doing different exercises. Then we ran up to where there were benches and did two set of two different circuits which included, step-ups, pushups, dips, lunges, pop-overs and toe taps. We finished with some sprints then it was home to have leftovers for dinner with my mom, sister and Abigail.

This morning I had a massive migraine so I opted to sleep in then go to the gym, my body needed it. I woke up to get ready for work and I couldn't help but feel guilty for not making my usual Tuesday morning class.

Breakfast this morning was a quick banana almond butter smoothie with fresh banana, 1 tbl amond butter, soy milk, ice, 1 tbl wheat germ, 1 tbl ground flaxseed and 1 scoop protein powder, it was so delicious!

Some ingredients for my smoothie

Question: Do you feel guilty if you miss a workout?


  1. I'm from Maine originally so woot woot for you doing the Maine Marathon!

    I've been wondering about the mango salad from qdoba... it looks so good in the picture!

    I do feel guilty if I miss a workout... especially if my reason for not working out is lame.

  2. i really enjoy working out, but also know part of me is driven by the weight i've lost... so yes I feel horribly guilty when I don't workout. I've tried to get over it through the years, but that one is still hanging on

    wow 65 for a marathon, i'm not sure I've found one that cheap in ages

  3. I feel soo guilty if I don't work out- unless its something like you mentioned (a migraine)- that's your body telling you something! Rest days only make us stronger.

  4. I don't necessarily feel guilty, but I definitely feel grouchy! I need to move!

  5. Maine Marathon sounds gorgeous! I've heard Maine is incredibly scenic.

    I also feel guilty about missing workouts, but migraines are the worst, so I wouldn't feel bad! Interestingly, I get bad migraines from dehydration, so sometimes working out can make it worse. Other times the endorphins make it better.

  6. Maine marathon sounds awesome!!! Congrats on making the decision :)


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