Sunday, May 1, 2011

Community Day

Yesterday was Comcast Cares Day and a few of my Back on My Feet residents and non-resident members joined in on the fun. We cleaned up the arrears by the YMCA track that we use for our morning workouts. It was a great turnout and a beautiful day. 

The gang!

Power washing picnic tables with James

Kara and Michael cleaning up
Before I left a made some Banana French Toast Sticks thanks to Lori Harder. Since I didn't have bread I improvised and used Fiber One whole wheat english muffins.

Ready to go in the oven

Finished french toast sticks
After being there for a few hours I headed to a Pilates mentoring class which focused on transitioning between moves.  I am certified in Reformer 1 beginner classes but haven't taught any classes yet just practiced on family members.

After class I headed home for lunch just soup and a sandwich and watched the Bruins game, they won!!!


  1. Even though I know it is so over done, oats are seriously my favorite breakfast. Although I love most any breakfast food. Fave meal by far!

    Hope you had a good run!

  2. Wow those banana french toast muffins look so yummy! And I agree with Tina, I'm a oats girl day in and out :D

  3. I wasn't sure where to leave an answer regarding the question you left on my blog. My casein shake is basically Optimum Nutrition (usually chocolate) casein and water. Mix together and drink.


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