Wednesday, May 11, 2011


My post today is inspired by Jen over at  Peas and Crayons.

Since I am still not feeling that good I decided to just grab a Soy Berry smoothie at Boloco. I ordered the smoothie with no honey and added a scoop or whey protein power.

My mid morning snack was a cut up Asian pear, it was so juicy and delicious. If you have never tried this fruit it is a must try! They have just the right amount of sweetness with a a nice crisp to them.

Asian Pear
Lunch today was my usual Wednesday lunch of Southwestern Corn and Turkey Chili from Cosi with a piece of their whole wheat flatbread. I have been slacking this week in making and preparing meals. I hate weeks like this because I never feel like I get enough nutritious foods when I eat out this much. I will plan to be better with preparing foods the rest of the week.


Southwestern Corn and Turkey Chili

Whole Wheat Flatbread
For dinner I was going to make turkey burgers for Joe and I but the weather wasn't that great to use the grill. Instead I used the turkey meat to make tacos, which was just fine by me since I love mexican, plus I could still use the guacamole I was going to put on my burger.

I love this ground turkey
Ground turkey with Mrs. Dash seasoning

Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle and Fiesta Lime seasoning
Finished tacos with refried beans
Question: What is your favorite takeout meal or restaurant?


  1. Love using Shady Farms extra lean turkey.. hate the price :(

    I like to eat at panera or cosi - but don't eat out very much!

  2. That pear looks like an apple!!! Since I am canadian and we dont have it here my fav restaurant is the cheesecake factory bc its a really special treat

  3. Hey girl Hey! You forgot to link your yummy post to my page! I did it for ya this week <3 <3 <3

    My fav takeout would have to be Thai from a delish little restaurant in Manassas Virgina.. but I don't live there anymore and I miss it so! They were the best! Now the only takeout I get is veg pizza!

    Happy WIAW!!!!!!! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  4. looks like we had the same post idea! My favorite takeout is this little thai place the next town over. I used to live close enough to walk...that was dangerous!


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