Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Torture Session

Last night was my first 45 minute workout with Keri for my new "The Weight is Over" program. As you know from my last post I want to firm up and sculpt my arms so that is what we worked on last night along with bursts of cardio to help me burn those calories.

We started with drop sets of bicep curls going from 17.5 lbs down to 5lbs with as many reps with each weight that I could do. Then I hopped on the bike for 3 1:00 minute sprints with 30 seconds rest. Next up was drop sets of overhead press to work those shoulders we did the same thing as bicep curls except started with 20lb weights. I didn't get nearly as many of these in as I did the bicep curls. Then it was back on the bike for 4 45 second sprints with 15 second rest.  Next up on arms was triceps using the drop sets method and a curled weight bar lying on a bench lowering the bar behind my head. My arms felt as if they were going to fall off at this point but I was loving it. After we finished triceps it was back to the bike for 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off of 4 sprints. We finished with two sets of reps of pushups, upright rows and rows with 2 bursts of 1 minute sprints on the bike. The forty five minutes flew by and I can't wait for Sunday for our next session we will we work on legs and chinups. (I need to meet my May goal of 5 unassisted).
Here is the kind of bike we were using
After all that arm work yesterday I was nervous I wasn't going to be able to move my arms this morning after last night but so far I am feeling good. Since it is Wednesday I was up bright and early for my run with BOMF, we met at Father Bill's then headed over to the YMCA since the weather was yet again rainy and cold we headed inside to the track for a great workout.

After finishing our run and leaving my BOMF team I headed straight to Marylou's for a toasted coconut iced coffee with soy.  I knew it was going to be a long day and a coffee was the perfect way for it to begin.  After grabbing a coffee for Joe (he likes the Twix) and I it was straight to the gym for a pilates workout. I missed my pilates session last week because I was sick and boy did I miss it.

It was a Marylou's kind of morning!
Question: What workouts do you miss the most when you don't do them?

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  1. I'm loving toasted coconut! We just picked up a pound of it to make at home. I'm so glad Mary Lou's came to Quincy!


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