Monday, May 23, 2011

Harpoon 5 Miler

Yesterday morning I woke up and headed to the gym for a training session with Keri where we focused on legs, upper body and sprints. I had had gone out with some friends the night before so I was a little sleepy but felt great. Altough this morning I did wake up with some soreness in my uppder body.

After meeting with Keri I hurried home because I needed to meet my sister so we could head to the Harpoon 5 Miler, which was a blast! The weather was perfect for running, slight cool and overcast. The course for the race was fairly flat with a small hill which you hit on the way out and back.  I decided to run this race staying alongside my sister the whole race since it was her longest run since having the baby.

You even get these cool bags
We were at the starting line and she said he goal was to finish under 55 minutes, which I knew would not be a problem but I also knew that she could finish in at least under 50 minutes.  We started off with a good steady pace and she was feeling great so about 2 miles in after the hill we started to pick it up a little.  She and I were both feeling great so around mile 4 I knew we could finish under 45 minutes so I made sure she had it in her and we went for it and finished just under 44 minutes.  I was so proud of her for not only finishing but also with such a great time, especially since she just had a baby three months ago.
My sister and I enjoying the after party!
Question: Do you ever run a race with someone or do you do your own thing?


  1. I'v never run a race with anyone. I really want to though! I'm trying to find a 5k for me and my best friend. She's just starting to run now.
    I'll run my first marathon with another friend too. She promised not to leave me in the dust. :-)

  2. That is so sweet that you ran together! I usually run alone, but I love the idea of doing a race with someone, especially if it helps to encourage them! :)

  3. so awesome that you and your sister could do that together! Great workout and good bonding time! Sounds like a blast!


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